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Greetings, fellow tattoo enthusiast!

It goes without saying... we all know, whether currently bare skinned or not, some funky body ink is the ultimate form of personal expression. While it's one thing to dress a certain way, or put pen to paper and craft the perfect poem or song... An elaborate tattoo will stay with you forever. With the right design, you can peak a stranger's interest in your personality without even mumbling one word. Today, I will assist you in harnessing the highest level of this incredible art form.

Unleash the Dragon...

So, why out of a billion different options, would one choose a dragon tattoo? 99% of the time, one gets a tattoo as a way to create an exhibition of their personalities to others. The special thing about dragon tattoos is whether surprisingly simple, or over the top, they never fail to capture the spirit of the person currently embodying the design.

A Token of Authority

The Dragon, immediately upon sight, captures the imagination and demands the attention of those gracing its presence. For this reason, this immaculate creature from Eastern civilization has earned a profound respect in Western culture’s tattooing landscape, from both men and women alike.

Just think about it for a second... All the biggest blockbuster movies are now super hero / comic influenced. People of all ages now have that 'other' side to them. That supernatural alter ego that once unleashed unveils that extra euphoric force that will not be defeated!

Yet, on the flip side, the dragon can demonstrate the ultimate methodical and meditational spirit: a perfect way to express your inner calm. Quite simply put: the ultimate Ying & Yang motif.

Download this elaborate, powerful package today and you will discover the perfect tattoo that embodies your personality, energy, vision and eptomizes your soul and inner being.

Just a few of our extravagant samples below...

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